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Cabin booking info

Bookings will be on set times only.

Price per cabin-

Monday 12pm until Wednesday 10am   £140.00

Wednesday 12pm until Friday 10am     £140.00

48hrs Friday to Monday                       £200.00

Friday 12pm to Monday 10am inclusive £250.00

Cabins will take up to two anglers and with a floor space of 3.5m x 3m there is plenty of room for your bed-chairs, maybe three!

Each cabin will have lighting, electrical charging (restricted power) water and sink plus a fridge. The lake itself is 3/4 acre with just two cabins.


The Cabin Lake

About the cabin – 

  • The fridge power switch can be found above the worktop next to the double socket.
  • Top section is a freezer bottom section is the fridge.
  • Indoor and outdoor lights can be permanently turned on or off via switch, the high up canopy light is PIR so will come on with movement.
  • Water in the cabin is drinkable. Although there is no hot water in the cabin itself there is hot water in the shower block.

Entry to the cabin is at 12pm, please exit by 10am on the day of departure to allow time to clean and disinfect.



Carp Stocks

Carp Stocks Test fishing has shown some good growth already! The biggest fish in the lake stocked at 28lb 12oz in November hit the bank at 31lbs!! There was a monster of a common not far behind at 27lb 12oz that was also stocked at the same time! Recently increased to 70 fish (from initial stock of 50) – new estimated weights

10 x 6-10lbs

50 x 10-20lb

10 x 20’s

1-2 x 30’s

Both cabins are close to our new toilet and shower blocks so that extra comfort is on your doorstep, as well as private parking for the cabins within yards of the cabins themselves.
Cabin 1 has the facilities and parking all within 5-10m of the Cabin, Cabin 2 is about 20m-30m from the car park and toilet / shower block, however there is slightly more water in front of cabin two to make up for it!
If you want to book, you must pay in full to retain a cabin for the dates you request. Sorry no pets allowed in the cabins but we do allow them on the main lake.
PM to book now!

Please follow these rules below –


  • No muddy footwear in the cabin or concrete covered area.
  • No wet clothing to be hung inside the cabin please dry on hooks outside.
  • No items over 500w to be used in the cabins. We have restricted supply. Only travel kettle provided to be used.
  • Strictly no electric heaters to be used in the cabin this is taken very seriously and your deposit will not be refunded.
  • No rubbish to be left in the cabin.
  • Any breakages will be subtracted from your refundable deposit.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Please hook doors securely to cabin hooks in windy conditions.