The Lake

The Islands lake at 4 acres in size has been crafted to a design like no other!

It has 12 swims in total, most can be used as doubles and don’t ignore the corners as these have proved very fruitful so far!

The lake was designed to create your very own piece of water with minimal angler conflict. It has many features above and below the water. Above the waterline there are six Islands to fish to, massive margin lengths per swim due to the spits that separate the swims and so many other nooks and crannies!!! Below the water there is a deep hole in every swim going down from 4-5ft to 6 to 7ft with plenty of gravel spots clay and gravel plateaus. You will be spoilt for choice where to fish!

It is a playground for the angler and their intended quarry. Take a look at our swim guide for more information on it’s features.

You can view the cabins here




There are 3 on site flushing toilets with running drinking water, 2 of which have shower facilities 

The car park can accommodate plenty of cars during busy times. The two cabins have there own exclusive parking. We now allow you to drop of your kit at your swim and collect when leaving. Cars must remain in the car park provided at all other times.

The Cabins provide you with running water, electric ( max of 500watts ), lighting, fridge freezer and a heated towel rail. You can view the cabins here.

Every effort has been made to make the site as secure as possible, CCTV and alarm systems are in place, frequent bailiff visits,

Electric fence to keep the otter’s paws off our fish!

So please keep the gate closed at all times during your visit, Thank You

Bait & Tackle

We have a range of bait from Vader Baits, some emergency end tackle, carp care and clothing. Please speak to a bailiff should you require any.